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Cumbria is a unique place with strong communities who have come together to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and Cumbria deserves a recovery that is ambitious and minimises inequalities in the county

Our Recovery will be demanding but leaders and decision makers are absolutely committed to the recovery aims which are: to build a better Cumbria where people are healthy and safe and people want to visit, communities are inclusive, connected and thriving and our economy is growing, sustainable and benefits everyone.

For many of us the pandemic was, and continues to be, an extremely sad time. Families have lost loved ones and whilst the vaccine rollout is giving us renewed hope for the future we must remain vigilant whilst we can be cautiously optimistic

We believe that through effective recovery plans we can build a better future for us all.

The Recovery Strategy is for the whole of Cumbria. It has been developed and is owned by The Strategic Recovery Group for Cumbria. This Group is chaired by the County Council's Chief Executive and has executive leadership representatives from across Cumbria. 

The strategy will be delivered against clear recovery priorities

And is built around 5 themes to ensure recovery action touches are important areas of our lives in Cumbria: